Health & Safety

Unlike traditional candles, wax melts are fragranced moulded wax which are designed to be used in appropriate oil/wax burners. It is important to only use Mummy’s Wax Kitchen melts in suitable burners – which include traditional burners that use tea lights, as well as electric burners. 

  • NEVER leave melting wax unattended 
  • Always KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS – As they might smell or look like sweets and should NOT be eaten. 
  • DO NOT try to move the oil/wax burner until the wax has completely cooled and solidified, as the wax will remain hot after the burner is ‘turned off’. 
  • ALWAYS check our packaging for allergen advise. 

To use wax melts

Remove from the packaging and place on the top of your burner. As the top of the burner begins to heat up, the wax will start to melt and release the fragrance of your choosing. Unlike candles, wax melts will not evaporate and can be re-used numerous times, or until the fragrance has completely gone. 

For best results and to sure you get the most out of our melts, close the windows of the rooms you’re burning our melts. The intensity of the melts will depend on the amount of wax used and the size and temperature of the room. 

Once your wax is no longer emitting any fragrance, let the wax cool and using cotton pads/balls soak up the wax and dispose. Be sure not to use cleaning/chemical products on the burners.  

CLP compliant wax products

All of Mummy’s Wax Kitchen products are fully CLP Compliant. 

Classification, Labelling & Packaging Regulation (CLP for short) is a legal requirement as they contain any allergens/ingredients you should know about. Companies without these are breaking the law and their insurance is no longer valid. 

After 1st June 2015, it was stipulated that all new products with hazardous substances must be labelled accordingly. CLP applies to a non-cosmetic product of any size containing a hazardous substance such as fragrance or essential oils (e.g. candles, wax melts, room mists, reed diffusers etc.).

Many ingredients in the fragrance oils are known to be eye or skin irritants and environmentally hazardous substances. If present at certain concentrations, they trigger various health or environmental warning statements and safety pictograms.  Therefore, it’s important to make sure our products are labelled correctly.